What is a USP?

28 Jul 2021

A unique selling proposition (USP) is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a company. In essence, it is what sets the business apart from all others. It helps the firm to define its identity within the market. This helps to attain a specific customer type.

Beat the house

9 Dec 2019

Anyone setting foot in a casino does with the wish to leave having beat the house. You could try different strategies like luck or using "lucky numbers", or by letting your wins and losses guide you. There are, however, some tips and tricks that have proven to be quite effective when it comes to trying to beat the house. Nothing is fool proff, obviously, but these advice might be worth trying.

Helping casino players win more

13 Mar 2017

What would you say if there was a company that helps casino players win more money? Some might think “How is it even possible?” and “Why would anyone do it?”. And yet we found CasinoHawks.com – a website that already helped a lot of people to dramatically increase their casino winnings. How does it work? There are a few different ways for achieving that.  

Casino tips and advice

Being an informed and educated casino player in itself is a major factor that will determine how much money you lose or win due to the right or wrong decisions, strategies and choices. As an example on CasinoHawks.com, you can read and learn about complicated casino terms and expressions, betting strategies, game rules and tricks, casino bankroll managements, tips on finding the best games with the highest return to players percentages, taxation tips, tricks on winning online slots and a lot of other useful information. Let’s not forget about the reviews of the best online casinos on the market, you can find them all in one handy place, so you don’t have to go through the painful process of finding a reliable and trustworthy casino operator yourself. 

Online casino bonuses and bonus codes

One of the other factors contributing majorly towards bigger winnings and smaller losses is the use of casino bonuses. Let’s say there are hundreds of online casinos in the UK that you can choose from, but not all of them are made equal. While one casino might give you a welcome bonus of £50 or £100, some others can be way more generous and offer up to £1,500 welcome bonus with your first online casino deposit. Just imagine how much you can play and win with this amount of “free money”. It is really wise to check out all possible casino welcome bonus options, as well as terms and conditions if you want to maximise your playing budget and win more. And on casinohawks.com you can do exactly that. 

Online casino free spins

Another useful thing that you can get out of a decent online casino are Free Spins. These are also given as a part of the welcome package or during the regular promotions and marketing campaigns. On CasinoHawks.com website you will find all sorts of offers for getting free spins, which are essentially the free goes at the online slots. So if you choose wisely, thanks to the website's research, you can get hundreds of free spins and win a lot of money without putting too much of your own cash into the gameplay. 

Online casino promotions and campaigns

Sometimes it makes sense to register and play not at one but at many different online casinos because in this way you can take advantage of many various offers, promotions, tournaments, giveaways, etc. Many UK online casinos are constantly running a lot of different promotions where you can win cash, free spins and even trips to different countries, and concert tickets as well. To always be up to date and benefit from all these marketing campaigns it’s important to know what’s going on every day. Casinohawks.com website will let you know which casino is running the best promotions at the moment. You can check their special offers section on the website, or even better, sign up for a newsletter to receive the best promotions and bonus codes straight in your inbox. If you’re going to play at the online casinos anyway, you might as well make the most of your casino deposit and win or earn a lot of freebies.

Become a Slot Machine winner

7 Jan 2017

Slot machines are extremely addictive. The sounds, colours and simpleness makes everyone love them and wanting to play on them. What are the odds for making any decent money on slot mackines? Well, they aren't worse than any other type of gambling and many make small fortunes on these machines. If you are serious about winning on slot machines, this video will come in handy.